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Scott Andrews 

Scott Andrews, Program Leader

Author, CEO, Program Leader



SCOTT ANDREWS is the author of Cold to Gold: How To Overcome The Fear of Cold Calling, Get In The Door, and Build Long Lasting Business Relationships (upcoming in 2010) and International Author of the popular Keys to Discover Your Purpose. Scott's books and articles published at his company's websites, and, have been published to over 100 countries and 300,000+ people annually. Scott learned his sales philosophy and techniques in management and  sales positions with, EMC2, IBM/Lexmark, Data General, DecisionOne, Businessland, and ARRiiVE Business Solutions. Through developing a "summit club" and "million dollar achiever" record of success throughout his illustrious sales and sales management career, Scott built a series of programs helping people discover their purpose and improve their sales, marketing, management, and team-building success.

Scott is currently focused on helping organizations develop empowered organizations through sales coaching, marketing strategy, and business leadership consulting. He is a strategic advisor for several financial investment organizations and lead management platforms. He is on the board of the Society of Technical Commu. He is a strategic advisor for several financial investment organizations and lead management platforms. He is on the board of the Society of Technical Communicators in San Luis Obispo, and offers journalism internships through California Polytechnic State University's English department. Scott is also  launching the SLO Jazz Festival nonprofit association ( He is part-owner in StoryADNetwork ( and founder of AspireNow (

Scott has also appeared on numerous print, television and radio programs, including CBS, ABC, (KEST 1450AM SF, CA) Seeing Beyond Personal Growth Talk Radio (, San Jose Mercury News, and he is a former panelist for Sales Performance Online and Lorman Education Services. He is a motivating speaker and entertaining performer both as Keynote speaker and professional musician (saxophone).


Contact David Jameson, Public Relations & Marketing Manager, regarding a special request or to book Scott for a talk with your group.

Scotts' early success at Intelogic Trace already showed a firm understanding of how to crack major accounts: through adding value, creating surprise, and offering creative solutions that meet client's needs. At the end of three full days of sales calls going from 8am to Midnight, when we HAD to have one more deal, Scott received the fax at 7PM that sent our team over quota! What a rush! Scott's work at Intelogic Trace grew from "one of the team" to "key player" over a very short time. - Arlie Russell, former Sales Manager at Intelogic Trace  

For any questions, email or call 805.459.6939.

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